Monday, September 14, 2009

Track 2- Mystery of Mercy

"Mystery of Mercy"
by Josh Huff (March 23, 2005)
Verse 1
In eternity past, before time was made
You started a plan to bring glory to Your Name.
You would create a world, both captive and free
Where creation would declare Your holy majesty.
Then sin entered in, enslaving mankind,
Making men blind to You, loving the night.
But You promised grace and mercy would come,
even though we, Your enemies, deserved none.
The mystery of mercy; it is Your sovereign plan.
The mystery of grace; we will never understand
How You could send Your own Son to die
For depraved enemies of Your name, such as I,
To adopt us as children of life, Oh myster of mercy...
Mystery of mercy.
Verse 2
As time wandered on Your plan was revealed
You would send us a Savior who's wounded hands would heal
He would live in our world, as a babe enter in.
The man fully God who would free us from sin.
But He was despised, rejected by men.
He suffered Your wrath as the payment for sin.
As a dead lamb He lay 'til the third morning came
When He conquered death as He rose from the grave.
So now that I know that I will never know
Why Your Son would die just to save my dead soul
I'll give You my life and all that I have
And praise You for giving us Christ!

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. I came about just before Easter in 2005 when I was on staff at Community Baptist Church in Elgin, IL. I was planning the Easter service and was thinking about a few different ideas for a song when Mystery of Mercy started to form. I worked on it for a few hours, then a few hours more, and soon this song came together. I'm sure you'll recognize the Easter theme at the end of the second verse with our conquering Lamb rising from the dead.

As I thought through the mystery of God's mercy, I really wanted to tell the whole story of our salvation. It is truly a mystery why such a great and powerful God would choose to save his creatures that had openly rebelled against Him. I often wonder about my own life as I continue to struggle with sin why God continues to love and care for me. But that is the definition of grace: getting something we don't deserve. We have received so much from God; adoption into His family, eternal life, not to mention the mercy of God to keep us from suffering His wrath for all eternity.

I hope this song is a great reminder of how much God has done for a people that didn't even want the blessings God offered.

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